5 Ways to promote your Music on Spotify

  It seems like everyone is on Spotify these days. If you promote your music on Spotify, you can get more exposure to new fans and promote yourself as an artist.

(1) Submit your music to Spotify playlists

Do some research online to find the most popular playlists that feature music similar to yours. Then make a list of those playlists' submission pages (here's one example ) and follow their directions for submitting songs. Provide links back to iTunes or where people can buy your songs, so that if they like what they hear on Spotify, they'll pay for it! You can also promote your own playlist on social media by adding the link in the 'About' section of your profile. Also purchasing Spotify plays from a trusted provider can improve your chances of getting on more playlists with higher view counts.

(2) Use Spotify as a promotional tool

If you're promoting an album or other big release, promote it on Spotify by putting teasers for the upcoming album in between tracks and promote the name of the new release across social networks. If someone sees that release by their favorite artist is coming out soon and they see that other people are streaming those songs on Spotify, they'll likely play them too! You can also promote single releases on Spotify (or even multiple song releases). For example: If you create a playlist with all of your singles from three different albums and make sure to promote it between tracks rather than only promote individual tracks, you'll still get to promote your singles while also promoting the other songs on those albums. If someone hears a song they like from one of your albums, they might start playing the other songs on that album - or even go out and purchase it!

(3) Use Soundtracking

With Soundtracking, Spotify users can share what they're listening to publicly with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. It's free promotion for you as an artist because if people are playing your music on Spotify within their network it means more exposure for your music. One way to use this to promote yourself is by creating a list of popular artists who sound similar to yours (or just browse through public lists) and follow them so that you'll see which of their playlists people are adding your songs to. Then promote those playlists, on social media and on blog posts, by telling fans that the list has some great music they might like. You can also promote your own playlist on Soundtracking for free marketing!

(4) Create a custom profile URL

You can choose a custom Spotify profile URL, just go here to create one . This makes it easy for anyone who finds you on Facebook or Twitter to automatically follow you on Spotify without having to search for or remember your username. If someone sees that you have a Spotify account and follows you there, they'll likely listen to some of your stuff too - so even if they don't buy from iTunes or other stores where you promote, they may still stream your music on Spotify!

(5) Engage with other artists within Spotify

Don't promote yourself at the expense of the artist you're promoting yourself alongside. Just like any other community, your fans will see it as self-promotion and won't care about what you have to say. If someone is playing their music on Spotify through one of your playlists or by managing an artist page, promote that song or that playlist online via social media to help them out (and ask them to promote that same song back to their fans). You could even host a few live chat sessions where you talk with each other's fans for promotion purposes - who doesn't love free marketing?! So there are 5 ways to promote your music on Spotify. Get more views on Spotify, promote your music, collect royalties from your music, use Spotify as a promotional tool to promote anything - an album, single or stint of live streaming - and engage with other artists within the community! If you're looking for tutorials on how to promote yourself through all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., check out Social Media Strategies For Musicians
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